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From Yelp:
Best bike shop in Sacramento. The amount of knowledge and history that comes out of this place makes it such a gem in the community.
Brenda S.

From CitySearch:
I disagree regarding no “high end” yeah you wont see a trek madone here but check out the Masi fully decked out in Brooks bling bling! you wont find a better bike IMHO. By far my favorite bike shop in Sactown Its real and the love



From Yelp:
I’ve purchased 5 bikes here and have always received good advice and help selecting a bike. Most recently I was looking for a cruiser and they suggested Sun brand. My Sun cruiser has an alloy frame and was an outstanding value. I’ve been riding it for 6 years. Service department is also excellent. I’ve been going to College Cyclery for 35+ years so it is my first choice when looking for a bike, service, or accessories.



From an email:
My name is Freddy. If you are looking for anything bicycle please believe; this is the place. This is it! I got genuine service and on top of all that, a crazy deal. This place has Brooks saddles in stock, Ive been looking even as far as the Bay Area and Monterrey, CA. Not only did they have a whole bunch in stock for me to look at, but they gave me information that was really helpful in choosing what I needed. Adam, Loren, thanks a bunch. I will be back. Freddy R.



From Yelp
Great neighborhood cycle shop, with friendly staff and great hours. They helped me change out a pair of clip in pedals for mountain bike that I just couldn’t do myself – didn’t have the right size allen wrench or muscles either! I felt kind of embarrassed – because usually I can do this sort of thing myself – but to their credit, these bike guys didn’t make me feel the least bit inadequate or patronize me as some mechanics will do. Those pedals were really on there really tight was what they said. And they did it on a late Sunday afternoon, when I walked in out of the blue, for $10 bucks and within about 20 minutes. That kind of on-the-spot service goes a long way with me.
Jocelyn M.



From Yelp:
My tire blew out on my way to work and luckily College Cyclery was only a mile away. They weren’t even open yet, but one of the workers happen to be there and helped me out. He fixed my bike in minutes and got me back on my way. I’ll definitely be taking my bike here again for repairs. (And yes, I know I should have been carrying an extra inner tube… )



From Yelp:
This place rocks! Friendly staff, cool looking shop and great bikes! Highly recommend this place if you are looking for a cruiser or custom job. You are sure to find bikes here that you will not see in any other shops in Sacramento.



From Yelp:
The best bike shop in town, hands down. Now, I’ll admit my knowledge of bikes stops at my single speed cruiser with coaster breaks and a I-heart-my-bike bell, but it appears that these guys have all the cyclery concerns covered. I live in the same neighborhood and often stop in to get my tires pumped up – free of charge! I’ve also known them to be responsive to haggling over the prices of bikes – new and used. I highly suggest you stop in before purchasing a bike from another shop.
Erin S.



The interior of the shop is funky, and had enough interest to hold a 7-year-old’s attention, with a huge fish tank holding an antique fish that looked as old as the store (first opened in 1935), a bike with a tree grown around it (check it out) and vintage tricycles. Lots of cruiser bikes, some cute kids’ bikes and a whole section for motocross-style biking that looked interesting even though I’m not into that.

The staff is just plain friendly and chatted with all the people who came in.

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